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Healthy eating method in meat

Which is better, beef or chicken?

American Clinical Research Center in Chicago has tested the changes in blood cholesterol of nearly 200 men and women. The researchers recruited these 200 participants to follow the National Cholesterol Education Program's heart-healthy diet menu for 36 weeks. Participants should have five to seven days every week to consume six ounces of red meat (beef or pork) or six ounces of white meat (chicken or fish) per day. The results showed that the participants by eating lean red meat, their cholesterol levels dropped 1.0%, while the low-density lipoprotein (commonly known as “bad cholesterol”) decreased 1.7%. The other groups were allocated by lean white meat, their cholesterol levels dropped 1.8%, while the low-density lipoprotein decreased 2.9%. It is because the saturated fat and cholesterol of lean white meat is less than lean red meat.

Nevertheless, we should not eat too much meat. High protein animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy products are lack of dietary fiber. If people get used to eat a lot of meat on daily basis and lack of taking fruits and vegetables; they will likely have constipation and diverticulosis problems, which have serious impacts on health. In fact, these problems may be improved by taking natural nutrients such as propolis. It has an effect on the intestines; and enhance intestinal contraction and promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation. Green Barley is rich in nutrients and eliminate toxins and clear the body waste in the intestinal tract. It also has intestinal detoxification effects. In addition, spirulina is also a good choice. It improves the gastrointestinal functions as well. The following is a seven-days healthy diet menu to share with you. We may improve our bodies beginning from the diet.



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How to improve eyesight?

How to improve eyesight?

The eyes consist of the finest microvascular vessels. Eye capillaries are responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells and providing adequate nutrition for the eyes.
Bilberry contains anthocyanin to protect microvascular vessels of the eyes. Many studies have indicated that bilberry can protect the cells, adjust connective tissues and muscle flexibility of the eyes. Nature healing in Europe often use bilberry as natural medicine for vision care.

Studies have shown that taking bilberry extract twenty minutes later, the blood flow to the eyes will be significantly increased. Because the anthocyanin in bilberry helps to strengthen the flexibility of capillaries, promote blood vessel expansion and improve the flow of veins and capillaries. When the blood circulation in the eyes is improved, eye muscle fatigue, edema, dark circle are also improved. Enhancing circulation and increasing supply of blood volume in the cells, they can strengthen eyesight. They are particularly helpful to keep retina healthy. The study also pointed out that after taking bilberry for six weeks, half of the people have improved their vision.

(Figure 1 Notes): Anthocyanin takes away the free radicals and other harmful substances in the microvascular vessels in order to maintain and improve healthy vision.




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The Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid

The Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid

In 2008, the experts of Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, published a new food pyramid--The Healthy Eating Pyramid.


Comparing to the traditional food pyramid, The Healthy Eating Pyramid sits on a foundation of "daily exercise and weight control". It's because the experts believe that "daily exercise and weight control" is the key to good health. Doing enough exercise and having a balanced diet, not only can help you control your body weight, but also keep you healthy. Those who exercise regularly tend to have relatively strong physiques, and do not fall ill easily. Moreover they have relatively fitter body shapes, and do not tend to be overweight or underweight. Therefore, doing exercises daily is definitely the best way for weight management, and they are interlinked. 


"Vegetables and fruits", "Healthy fats/oils" and "Whole grains" sit on the  second layer of The Healthy Eating Pyramid. Relatively, "Vegetables and fruits", and "Whole grains" are recommended to consume more. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables not only improve intestinal functions, protect against vision degeneration, but also safeguard the health of heart and blood vessels. In addition, the benefits of whole grains have been highly recommended by nutritionists. It's because whole grains are rich in dietary fiber, iron, folic acid and vitamin B12, etc. Thus, the Healthy Eating Pyramid also encourages people to eat more whole grains, such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread and brown rice. Besides, you might be surprised that isn't the food closer to the base of the food pyramid suggested to eat more? Why did the Harvard experts put "Fats or oils" near the base of the pyramid? It's because they distinguish the good fats or oils from the bad ones. For example, olive oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, fish oil, etc. are good oils which can help protect the heart functions. 


The foods sit on the third layer includes "Nuts, seeds, beans and tofu" as well as "Fish, poultry and eggs." "Nuts, seeds, beans and tofu" can provide a lot of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are much healthier than obtaining the protein from red meat. Besides, "Fish, poultry and eggs" not only are excellence sources of protein, they also contain lots of health benefits. For example, fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial to heart functions; poultry contains relatively fewer cholesterol and saturated fat than red meat; and eggs can provide high-quality protein etc.


Food in the fourth layer includes the "Dairy products or vitamin D / calcium supplements." Adequate intake of calcium, vitamin D and doing exercise is the key to build healthy bones. Harvard experts even stressed that if you could not get enough calcium and vitamin D from the daily diet, you must consider to obtain them from supplements.


As we all know, the foods sit at the top of the pyramid, they should be used sparingly.  Foods sit at the top of The Healthy Eating Pyramid include "Red meat, processed meat and butter," "Refined grains, such as white bread, rice, pasta and potatoes ", " Sugary drinks and sweets "as well as " Salt ". Therefore, all of these foods should be used infrequently!


Healthy Eating Pyramid also highlighted that large majority of people should intake "Daily multivitamins and extra vitamin D", and some people can drink "Alcohol in moderation". You may wonder if someone has been very focused on a balanced diet, is it still necessary for him to take nutritional supplements? This is because even people are very cautious about their diets, they are still possible to lack of certain nutrients. Therefore, the Harvard experts believe that most people should take multivitamins and extra vitamin D supplements every day, to ensure that the body does not lack of nutrients. Coupled with modern busy lifestyle and fast food culture, having insufficient nutrients intake is very common. With the continuous development of nutrition, more evidences showed that many urban people do not have a balanced diet which may result in malnutrition. Therefore, the Harvard experts bravely suggested that the majority of people should take supplement daily in order to have balanced nutrients intake, and to prevent malnutrition due to improper lifestyle. Taking supplements just serves as an extra health insurance for the body. In addition, ‘Alcohol in moderation' benefits heart health. Therefore, Healthy Eating Pyramid also recommended some of the people to drink certain amount of alcohol. 


With constantly renewal of nutritional knowledge, we should have a new interpretation towards healthy eating. For the more health-conscious new generation, Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid undoubtedly provide more new insights for their references. If you are among one of that group, from today, you should exercise every day, follow the dietary advices suggested by Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid, and take nutritional supplements daily.




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How to make kids smarter

How to make kids smarter

The brain is an organ of infinite potential. The younger the brain, the stronger the learning ability of the brain. Early training and inspiration of brain potential has far-reaching significance of the brain development in children. Children explore the strange world through five senses ---- sight, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting, while the brain is responsible for memorizing and analyzing these information. Stimulation from these five senses in turn affects the development of the brain, which also promote the synapse development in nervous system. With adequate stimulation, these synaptic activities are favorable for the development of thinking and messaging in nervous systems.

In order to promote children's intellectual development, many parents begin to explore nutritional benefits for brain development as early as infant formula. Among the many nutrients, DHA receives the most parental attention. DHA is also known as omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, is the main component of the brain, retina and nervous system. Early supplementation of DHA since pregnancy can ensure that the fetus has enough construction materials for healthy development of the brain and vision.

However, DHA cannot be synthesized by our body. It must be obtained from food. DHA can be derived from animals or plants. The DHA from plant source is primarily from deep sea algae; while salmon, sardines, tuna and other deep-sea fish are great sources for animal DHA. Children may intake more foods rich in DHA in order to provide the sufficient essential nutrients for the development of brain and vision.

Researchers used Stroop effect and Spatial Memory Test to study children's cognitive ability and brain function. They pointed out that after supplementation of omega 3 fatty acids, the brain worked less hard to transmit the message. Therefore the learning process of children could be smoother, whose cognitive ability could be greatly enhanced.


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Correct understanding of BMI

Correct understanding of BMI

Hong Kong people are famous for their fast pace and rush lifestyle. Frequent consumption of extravagant meals may result in poor consequence to our health. BMI (Body Mass Index) is an objective indicator to assess obese level of adults by using height and weight. BMI can be a good reference to evaluate the risk to develop serious illnesses. 

BMI is calculated as:

\mbox{BMI} = \frac {w} {h^2}

w = weight, unit: kg

h = height, unit: m



Risk of developing serious illness


< 18.5



18.5 - 22.9



23 - 24.9


Obesity I

25 - 29.9


Obesity II

> 30


By using the above formula, individuals can use their heights and weights to calculate their BMI. If BMI is greater than 22.9, the chance of suffering from serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, is higher; if the BMI is less than 18.5, the risk for suffering from serious illness is low; while BMI is 18.5-22.9 is considered as normal.

However, BMI can only assess the degree of obesity of ordinary people (not applicable to athletes, because athletes have more muscles), cannot peek on the lipid and cholesterol levels in the body. Very a few people in Hong Kong have the habit of regular physical examination, and blood lipid and cholesterol level must be found through a blood test. Thus, even people with normal BMI should not overlook their risk in developing the aforesaid diseases, particularly those who have the family history of high blood lipid, blood sugar and cholesterol.

Our diets should follow the "three low and one high" principles, namely "low fat", "low salt," "low sugar" and "high fiber." In addition, in order to reduce undesirable substances and excess fat accumulating in the blood vessels, we should consume more food rich in omega -3 fatty acids such as fish and shellfish. Omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, can promote cardiovascular health and reduce the chance of having heart problems. In addition, studies have shown that lecithin can increase the mobility of fat, prevent fat accumulating in blood vessels, and increase high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol) levels and therefore maintain good cardiovascular health.




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1. Why do we have to take nutritional supplements?

Most people have unbalanced diet, lack of sleep and feel tired easily. Moreover,  under the situation of eye fatigue and insufficiency of food and nutrition, we cannot get enough and balanced nutrition naturally. Balanced diet and regular lifestyles are the main way to keep body healthy. Choosing the right health food precisely is what you need as the best nutritional supplements.

People's health status have different stages. When you are healthy, daily foods might be able to provide you adequate nutrition. However, when you are sick, the drugs can help you quickly killing the bacteria. Slow effectiveness of health food becomes a supplementary role. However, taking nutritional supplements can enhance immunity in incubation to avoid getting sick. Even though you feel unwell, it will reduce the severity of the disease. Health supplements help speed up the recovery during rehabilitation. If you want to live healthily; diet, exercise and regular routine of life are very important.


2. How to compare health supplements?


Different health supplements are in different amounts, dosages and prices. Dosage comparison is the most important thing. “Dose” means the raw material contents of the products and in milligrams (mg) as a unit. For example, a 5000mg bilberry equals to 10 pieces of 500mg bilberry. In addition, there are many brands available in the market with misleading sales tactics to sell the health supplements. For instance, the healthcare products marked on the box of 1000 mg ingredients; which does not mean each capsule contains the dosage of 1000mg. It refers to the total number of tablets that reach that dosage.

Therefore, consumers should be aware of the exact dosage of the products to avoid the cunning and unscrupulous traders from taking advantage.


The effective concentration of the ingredient

eg. Bilberry 5000mg contains 25% anthocyanin; which means 1250mg anthocyanin.


Country of Origin

The raw materials of the best health supplements must be natural and pollution-free. Those products are safest and most effective to use for human beings. To ensure the export products with high and natural quality, Australian Government implements a comprehensive and rigorous policies to regulate their health foods. We have high level of production technology recognition and professional technical teams; which greatly improve the quality of the products.


3. What are the differences between simple and compound formulations?

Most of the health and nutrition experts agree with choosing simple formulation better than the compound one. The effectiveness is easy to show and the price is more reasonable. If you want to reach a varity of health benefits, customers should choose a variety of single formulations of health care products rather than buy the diluted concentration of the products with mixed recipes. It is especially added with synthetic chemical ingredients in the formula.


4. How long does it take to take the supplements of Organic Nature to show effectiveness?

The time varies in different individuals. It depends on the person's physical condition, absorption ability and lifestyle etc. In general, after taking the supplements for one month people can feel the changes. The effect is more obvious if people consume the products for three months continuously. Even people just want to improve general health, their physical and mental status will significantly improve due to the nutrients provided by the health products of Organic Nature. The Health products of Organic Nature are made from pure nutrients by manufacturing plant accredited with GMP. Using one hundred percent natural ingredients can ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products, suitable for long-term consumption.


5. How to distinguish the dosage between adults and children?

In general, children over 12 year old should take the supplement according to the dosage of the adults; while children under 12 should take half the dosage of the adults.


6. Can I take several types of Organic Nature health products at the same time?   

Products of Organic Nature are made ​​from natural ingredients. You can take several types of products at the same time. It's because there are very rare interaction between health food. If you want to improve your health in different aspects, you should take a variety of products in order to achieve the best result.


7. Are there any side effects of taking the products of Organic Nature?

Products of Organic Nature are high quality health food from Australia. They are made ​​from natural nutrients. In general, there are barely side effects if people take the appropriate dosage. If people do not drink enough water after taking the supplements, they may feel dry mouth. It's because our bodies require water to break down the highly concentrated products. Nutritionists recommend drinking 8 cups of 250ml of water daily, and better to drink warm water.


8. Can I take health food while I am taking medication?

People do not need to stop taking general health products while they are taking medication. But they better take the supplements two hours after the medication in order to avoid affecting the absorption. If people have to take the prescribed medication for a long time, they are recommended to consult a doctor or dietitian before taking supplements.


9. Why the dosage of the products of Organic Nature products are higher than other brands?

Products of Organic Nature are made by high-tech extraction method. Therefore the products of Organic Nature have higher dosage. Under the TGA 's strict supervision which ensure the raw materials and production processes are in line with international standards. Thus, absorption, effectiveness and products' safety are guaranteed.


10. What's the index of hypertension? What's the normal range of blood pressure?

Blood pressure generally use mmHg as a unit. The force when the heart contracts to pump the blood is called systolic pressure, or the force when the heart relaxes is called diastolic pressure.


systolic pressure (mmHg)

Normal blood pressure

90 - 135

Borderline blood pressure

136 – 142





diastolic pressure (mmHg)



Normal blood pressure

60 - 90




Joint health protection

Joint health protection

Before understanding how to protect joints, you have to learn the structure of it first. A joint is where two or more bones meet, and soft tissue such as cartilage and ligament is found in it. Along with the growth of age, it will accelerate the loss of synovial fluid and friction of joint. But in recent year, this situation gradually gets younger, and the high-risk groups are sport enthusiasts, obese people, and for a long time sedentary office workers.
About joint maintenance, many people are familiar with shark cartilage products. Shark cartilage mainly consists of mucopolysaccharides, which can promote the secretion of joint fluid and lubricating fluid between the joints to form protective film. In addition, it can effectively reduce joint friction. Furthermore, the intake of glucosamines can promote the formation of main component of joint synovial fluid, which can prevent friction between the bones.
Human body can synthesize glucosamines, but the rate of decomposition is faster than the rate of synthesis as increasing age, then it can cause the loss of glucosamines in joints, and affect the metabolism of joint cells. Hence, the consumption of mucopolysaccharides and glucosamines is very important for joint health. 
In addition, except for the intake of shark cartilage, krill oil can also protect our joint. Krill oil contains natural active ingredients, especially focus on joint health, can relieve joint discomfort, enhance joint mobility, which is a good news for those who suffering joints pain or discomfort. 

Three ways to protect your joints: 

1. Weight control 
If you are overweight, it tends to increase the burden on joint, which will increase the risk of joint friction. Therefore, if you are having joint pain, it is time to lose some weight. 

2. Physical exercise
You can maintain an ideal weight and strengthen your joint through regular exercise such as muscle strengthening. Avoid doing vigorous exercise, which can reduce the risk of joint friction. 

3. Beware of posture
Avoid prolonged squatting or sitting and standing. Remember to change position frequently to prevent the knee fixed in one position. 

How to strengthen your body in autumn and winter

How to strengthen your body in autumn and winter 

Autumn and winter in Hong Kong is noticeably cooler and drier although there was no report of snow ever since. People, especially elderly, children and people with poor immunity should pay more attention to maintain their health in cold seasons. 

First step of skin care - Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
Chinese people generally believe that snake soup and lamb brisket pot are good seasonal meal. However, the best dietary pattern is having a balanced diet, and avoid picky eating. Dry weather during autumn or winter can cause scratched and itchy skin. Skin is our first line of defense to avoid pathogens entering the body. In order to nourish our skin, we have to eat many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, etc. Also, they can replenish skin cells, and they are the best natural substances for skin care. 

Stretching can strengthen the immune system
Many people feel tied tired and sluggish during winter, especially the elderly who are relatively inactive. Also, the older people don't want to get a cold, so that they normally just stay indoor instead of going out. In fact, they can walk around the park and breathe the fresh air during a sunny day, which can promote blood circulation, and strengthen their immune system. Don't always stay at home, it will slow down the metabolism, and make them feel even colder. 

Drink water and detox for better health 
In Hong Kong, the weather in autumn and winter is really dry, which cause the skin to lose more moisture due to enhanced  water loss from the skin surface by evaporation), so that we needed to be more aware of water intake. Many people always drink water when they are thirsty, but our bodies generate  metabolic wastes in every minute, and then excrete the wastes through urine. So it is too late if you only drink water when you feel thirsty, since the concentration of harmful substances are increased. Except water, fresh fruit juice, soup and light tea also can provide additional water to body. Furthermore, wearing suitable warm clothing, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and maintaining good lifestyle are other key factors to stay healthy in cold weather.