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Omega-3 fish oil

Omega-3 fish oil

Fish oil is extracted from the body of the deep-sea fish. The main active ingredients of omega-3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are rich in DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA only present in fish and shellfish, but the contents are different in various fish. Generally, The DHA and EPA contents of shallow-water fish or farmed fish are very low, while the deep-sea fish survive in low-temperature environments therefore the contents of DHA and EPA are very rich. Salmon, sardines, swallow tuna, cod etc. are good sources of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids cannot be synthesized by our bodies ; but they are essential fatty acids. They are essential nutrients for the brain and the eyes. In addition, they can reduce "bad" cholesterol (LDL), which can influence vascular health. They can also decrease the joint pain caused by COX-2. Moreover, they can strengthen the heart function and relieve joint discomfort effectively.



Bilberry is also known as European blueberries or cranberries. It was named as one of the top ten best modern nutrition food in 2002 Time Magazine. Its main active ingredient is anthocyanosides. Anthocyanosides are bioflavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables naturally, where the purple berries have this active ingredient; but the content in bilberry is particularly high. Anthocyanosides are strong natural antioxidants. They are 50 times the antioxidant capacity of vitamin E to maintain normal cellular link and vascular stability. They improve blood circulation and protect blood vessels from free radical damage.

Many studies have indicated that bilberry with the ability to protect the cells of the eyes. It adjusts connective tissues and muscle flexibility and promote visual acuity function. Because it can repair damaged rhodopsin, it can effectively improve nearsightedness, fairsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia. Moreover, it can help to eliminate excessive secretions such as dry eyes and eye problems. Bilberry is the best recipe for eye protection.

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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is the pharyngeal gland secretions from the chewing and digesting of the nectar and pollen from the worker bees. It is the only food for the queen bee. The longevity of the queen bees is 40 times of the worker bees. Because of its rich nutrient ingredients ,they can produce 1,500 honeybee eggs. Royal jelly contains rich natural amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins. Royal jelly can provide humans with variety of nutrients to meet their needs. It promotes metabolism, enhances body's resistance to achieve power and maintains youthful vitality. Royal Jelly can regulate the autonomic nervous system. It effectively relieves nervous tension and periodic discomfort, activates cell and helps with good sleep.

Royal jelly is the most common use in capsule forms. It is convenience and easy to store. Many anecdotal claims that the royal jelly can be absorbed very easily. However, direct consumption may cause stomach acid deterioration. Storage is also very difficult. We should be careful to choose royal jelly and learn to get the most effective and natural healthy, nutritious food.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is asteraceae herb with strong vitality. It can grow in both arid and arctic areas. Milk thistle is recognized around the world with its liver tonic effects. All because of its three kinds of active ingredients: Silibini, Silidianin and Silicristin. And now they are collectively known as Silymarin.

Silymarin is a potent antioxidant that can block free radical damage to the body. It reduced the chance of liver cell damage by alien substances. Silymarin promotes protein synthesis in liver cells and their regeneration, repair damaged cells and injured liver functions. It can work as fence for the liver while helps to detoxify and strengthens liver functions.



Propolis is from the buds of trees, leaves, buds and bark resins collected mucus mixed up with bees' saliva, beeswax and pollen. Propolis will be painted on their wall and cracks of the hives by the bees for cleaning and antibacterial effects to prevent other insects. Also propolis can block toxin invasion and rotten and other effects that remain sterile inside the hive for safety. Propolis contains flavonoids, natural resins, pollen, amino acids, vitamins, beeswax, organic acids such as dozen of trace elements, etc. It can strengthen the cells and improve physical fitness. Therefore, it is known as natural antibiotics.

Propolis can strengthen the cells, but also can form as anti-toxin antibodies. It helps to improve digestion with laxative effects. It improves the sensitivity of the skin, removes facial problems and enhances the immune system. In addition, propolis lessens nasal and respiratory  problems with significant effects.


Health Stories

Health care for the elderly

Health care for the elderly

According to the governmental statistics, the number of the elderly people in the past 50 years of, the average annual growth is 4.8%. The current number is the elderly people has exceeded 1 million, their physical and mental health are very worth of our attention.

1. Weather change
Physical function of the elderly gradually declines, the elderly people are more difficult to regulate their own body temperature. Whenever the weather turns cold, it will be easier to catch a cold. People with respiratory problems are more susceptible to weather changes and worsen their conditions. We should remind the elderly to wear enough warm clothing, but should not wear the clothes too tight as not to affect the blood circulation. To keep the head, neck, and feet warm is very important. It is best to prepare hats, scarves, gloves, etc. for the elderly to ensure their temperature is normal. In the summer, the elderly may have delayed thirst feeling leading to inadequate fluid intake. Family members should remind the elderly to drink plenty of water during summer. Keep the house with good air circulation to prevent heat stroke situation.

2. Able to eat is a blessing
Elderly due to the gradual loss of teeth, they often encounter difficulties in chewing, causing coughing or food residue in the mouth. It also affects the absorption of important nutrients. Therefore, we should regularly take the elderly to the dental clinic for dental examination. We should prepare them the comfortable dentures with enough calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and other nutrients supplements in order to keep their teeth healthy and they can enjoy the food happily.

3. Mental stress
Elderly people have to deal with stress from lifestyle and economic changes, caring partners, and a friend died. They fear that they will become a burden on the family. They feel life is boredom. If the elderly has long been trapped by these pressures, they are not only emotionally affected, but the body is also feeling tired easily because of insomnia, palpitations, and so on. Relatives may encourage them to participate volunteer activities, gather with their old friends, enjoy free time to do things that they like to do. Of course, caring and concerning is most needed for the elderly. Cherish the opportunity you have now with the elderly people around you to share with them.

Details of life that affect health

Details of life that affect health

We all know that bad habits can lead to serious health problems such as smoking, drinking, poor diet and lack of exercise. In fact, those could be our health killers.

1. skiping breakfast
Breakfast is the energy source to support our daily activities. If you do not eat breakfast, your metabolism will slow down, In order to avoid shortage of energy, the body itself saves energy and save calories, so your metabolism is affected. If you intend to skip breakfast as a way to lose weight, you will get even fatter. In fact, food in your stomach is totally digested after a night, the body is in a state of low blood sugar. Not only concentration will be weakened, learning ability and performance will also be significantly decreased. Therefore, you should get up as early as possible, at a full breakfast with complex carbohydrates, protein and fat such as low-fat cheese and ham whole wheat sandwiches, banana with low fat, low sugar yogurt or macaroni with ham for breakfast to maintain good health.

2. Eating too fast
People living in Hong Kong have busy life. They always eat very fast. The food is not completely chewed and they swallow. It can cause burden on the stomach causing acid reflux and bloating. The brain needs to take 20 minutes to send the “full” message to your stomach. If you eat too fast, you will unwittingly eat more food and take in too many calories then causing obesity.

3. Late night meal
We all know that late night meal is definitely an unhealthy habit. Researchers found out that those mice fed a high-fat diet during the day, their body weight has grown pronouncedly than the mice fed in the evening. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to reduce eating after dinner. If you want to eat something after supper, you should wait at least 20 minutes. If you still feel hungry after 20 minutes, then you should allow yourself to eat a cup of low-fat yogurt or a medium-sized seasonal fruit only.

Notes: Mice are nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day and engage activities at night.

Ways to moisturize your eyes

Ways to moisturize your eyes

Eye fatigue is a common problem for modern people due to:
- UV rays and blue rays
- Wear inappropriate lenses or contact lenses
- Contact with free radicals
- Radiation generated by TVs, mobile phones, computer screens
- Prolonged reading or computer operation
- Watch only the vision very near
- Eat less food with beneficial effects on eyes
- Lack of sleep
- Smoking
- Diabetes
- Environmental pollution

These factors will be prone to fatigue eyes, dry eyes, myopia, hyperopia and other issues. If you want to improve your eye condition, you should do the followings:
1. Have adequate sleep every day, make sure your eyes get enough rest.
2. Wear suitable sunglasses and see more green vision.
3. People with myopia and hyperopia should wear appropriate glasses or lenses
4. Quit smoking and eat the food good for the eyes such as blueberries, carrots, pumpkin, corn, broccoli, etc.
5. When using the computer, keep the back straight with good posture and take rest every 30 minutes. Should look away the scene of more than 6 meters and let the eyes to rest.
6. Simple eye movement exercise can avoid excessive eye dryness, fatigue and congestion. First close your eyes tightly and then open your eyes slowly. Do it 5-10 times. You may take time to do this simple eye exercise at work.
7. When you are free, you may travel to the countryside, enjoy and relax. It can maintain good vision.

Don't be defeated by pressure!

Don't be defeated by pressure!

People in Hong Kong are under heavy pressure. How much pressure can you endure?

Pressures can come from many sources. Starting from childhood, teenagers have to face many challenges from school, extra curricula, training of musical instruments, language courses in summer time etc. When we reach adolescence, we have to face other challenges such as public exams, and competing for higher education. When we enter adulthood, the pressure are even greater. For example, meeting the tight schedule at work, taking care of the family and pursuing further studies after work. In such circumstances, nobody can be exempted from the influence of stress.

Many aches, pains and syndromes of sickness are caused by long term pressure, psychological and emotional factors. Skin and immune systems are the easiest parts of our bodies to evolve problems. Besides, other possible symptoms caused by pressure include insomnia, eczema, depression, irritating G.I. tracts, palpitation, chest distress, fatigue, tiredness, headache, nausea, high blood pressure, heart disease or even cancers. If you have any of the above symptoms, which means your body is suffering from stress. And it's time for you to take a break and listen to your body's feedbacks.

To deal with pressure, the simplest way is to let go the stress and enjoy daily life.
1. Having a balanced diet
Having a balanced diet and healthy eating habit can help people to deal with pressure. For example, do not skip breakfast, eat more vegetables in different colors, avoid picky eating or binge eating. Therefore, our bodies can have all kinds of nutrients to ensure general health.

2. Doing exercise regularly
Endorphins can be produced during exercise by our bodies which can generate a feeling of well-being. Therefore, doing exercises at least three times a week for minimal 30 minutes each time is a healthy way to reduce pressure. 

3. Having healthy social activities
Meeting up with friends and talking to the people you trust can help you to relieve from the worries and bothers. Though there is no guarantee you can seek the best advice from your friends, you can relax physically and psychologically anyway.

4. Maintaining good sleeping habit
Having good sleeping habit, i.e. going to bed or getting up regularly can avoid the interruption of the biological clock. Good sleeping environment such as comfortable room temperature and suitable darkness can enable good quality of sleep.

5. Having good hobbies
Hobbies such as reading, listening to music, traveling, watching movies can be good hobbies if they can make you relax and forget the annoyance.

Actually pressure can be a driving force for us to pursue higher achievement, if you can manage your pressure well. 

Five elements to nurture children's cognitive abilities

Five elements to nurture children's cognitive abilities

Nowadays, parents generally have very high expectation on their children. They are willing to spend a lot of money on children's education, but the results vary in different individuals. Genetic inheritance from parents contributes to the major factors of the development of children's cognitive abilities and intelligence, while training and potential inspiration are of somewhat importance. Actually, nurturing children is far more important in educating children through daily life and role modelling than just spending money on education.

1. Having good sleeping quality
Sleeping not just relieve tiredness, but also provide an opportunity to repair the cells, adjust mood swings, and review the knowledge learned in day time. Sleeping can promote the knowledge to become long term memory. Children usually need 10-12 hour sleep. Children should maintain good sleeping habit, such as going to bed and getting up early, as well as studying or resting regularly.

2. Consuming different kinds of food
Different kinds of food can provide different kinds of nutrients. Therefore, the development of picky eaters is usually hindered by restrict nutrients. Parents should correct their children's eating habit, such as eating three meals regularly and avoiding junk food between meals.

3. Building up confidence
Parents should not just focus on the achievement of children, but also the learning progress. Parents should encourage children with praises and admiration, share both the joy of success and sadness of defeats with children. To build up children's confidence, parents should guide them to solve the problems.

4. Creating happy learning environment
Learning should not just focus on books, inspiring children's curiosity can enhance the cognitive development of children. For examples, going to the supermarket with children or playing with them in the natural environment of the park can enable them to learn through five senses and learn in a happy environment, which can improve memory and raise their curiosity to new knowledge.

5. Doing exercise and playing games
Doing exercise not just improve the functions of the heart and the lung, but also enhance the cognitive and vision development as well as concentration of children. Playing games require vivid imagination which can help the development of learning ability and intelligence of children. Playing games provide an opportunity for children to train their creativities and the brain is at highly active state while playing games. Therefore, doing exercise and playing game are the key elements for healthy brain development.

Improve Sleeping Quality

How to enhance your sleeping quality

Nowadays, people live in a fast-paced and stressful life and it totally affected their sleeping quality. According to a recent survey, over a half of interviewers said that the quality of their sleep is poor. Sleeping is an important way for body to repair, rest, detox, and to release stress. There are many effects of lack of sleep, such as reduce the ability of body repair, weaken the immune system and cause muscle fatigue, hence affecting your work, and even relationships.

The ways to improve sleeping quality : 

1)    Regular sleeping pattern 
Maintaining a regular and fixed bedtime and wake up time can help improve sleeping quality.

2)    Good eating habits and behaviors 
It's better to finish eating at least 2-3 hours before your regular bedtime because it can affect your quality of sleep. If it is a necessary to eat before sleep, you can choose the food that contains tryptophan, such as turkey sandwiches, bananas and milk. 

3)    Avoid drinking alcohol or the food that contain caffeine before sleep 
Alcohol and caffeine can stimulate and affect the function of brain, which make people stay awake and hard to sleep. 

4)    Avoid drinking lots of water or juice before sleep 
Avoiding to drink too much water or juice before bedtime can reduce the number of bathroom visit at midnight, which affect the quality of sleep.

5)    Maintain a good bedroom environment 
Maintaining the bedroom temperature in moderate level, with dim light and good ventilation can promote good sleep. 

6)    Relax yourself 
In order to reduce the stress, you should try to solve all the difficulties tomorrow, and relax your mood by taking a warm bath or listening to music.   


How to solve digestive problems?

How to solve digestive problems?

Hong Kong people are living a fast-paced and busy life. They are not only lack of sleep, but also have irregular meal times. In addition, they are more likely to have intestinal problems and irregular defecation due to stressful lifestyle and busy workload.

Also, eating habits and lifestyle are tend to be irregular and unhealthy in holidays, and at that time it would be easier to consume excessive calories or fat from the food, which will increase the burden on the stomach, and therefore affect digestion. In order to avoid the effects  caused by working or holidays, we have to take enough rest, and avoid excessive eating, also we have to know more the information about gut and health.


How to tackle digestive problems?

Often heard: “If the gut is not healthy, then the body is not healthy.” It is because nutrients are mainly absorbed and digested in intestine, and it plays a key role of immune defense. Also, the bacteria in gut are linked with human health. There are many bacteria in our gut which included good or bad ones, and normally they are equilibrium. However, if the amount of bad bacteria is more than the amount of good bacteria, then it cannot maintain the balance of bacteria in intestine, hence a variety of gastrointestinal problems will emerge.


The most important good intestinal bacteria are probiotics, which can help to resist the bad bacteria, and has have a role in maintaining intestinal health. Probiotics can intake from diet or health supplements, thereby improving the gut environment, and inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria. Common food containing probiotics include yogurt, cheese, pickles, natto, and fermented bean curd etc. Eating more food rich in oligosaccharides may stimulate the growth of probiotics, including bananas, garlic, honey, onions, and asparagus.


In addition, irregular defecation is caused by low amount of intestinal probiotics. If you can properly intake probiotics, it can secrete organic substances that can promote intestinal peristalsis and improve bowel movement in a natural way. However, due to increasing age, imbalanced diet and stress, the amount of probiotics will reduce, in order to maintain good gastrointestinal health, it is necessary to actively and effectively intake probiotics.

Factory of body detoxification

Factory of body detoxification

In order to cope with external and internal toxins, our body can undergo self- detoxification. The main detoxification organs including skin, lung, kidney, colon and liver. Liver is the biggest factory of detoxification in body, which responsible for removing toxins from blood (including nicotine, chemicals, alcohol, drugs, and pollutants), and the liver is responsible for metabolism, decomposition of nutrients, absorption, and generation of bile.


Liver detoxification time

Between 11pm and 3am is the most healing and detoxifying time to sleep. During this crucial time, it is good for liver blood circulation, and your liver will two or three times bigger than normal, also if you still sitting or standing after 11pm, then the liver is not getting enough blood supply, and it will directly affect the function of detoxification.


Other major factors that affect liver detoxification:

1. Excessive drinking

Alcohol can cause liver damage, since liver have to generate a lot of enzymes to break down alcohol, this will affect normal liver metabolic function.


2. Excessive accumulation of toxin

Pesticides, insecticides, cigarettes, preservatives, and many environmental toxic substances will cause liver damage. Even if those toxins do not accumulate in the liver, since the damage of pancreas and kidney can also affect liver functions.


3. High-calorie and high-fat intake

It can cause a big burden on liver if you always eat high saturated and hydrogenated fat food, such as fried products. Over time, it will reduce liver detoxification function. 


Hong Kong people living in a fast-paced place, and have irregular rest time, some of them even work through the night, thus will damage their liver badly. Therefore, it is important to improve the bad habits, and take a good care of the liver and body health. 

Women's health

Women's health 

In recent years, there are many studies of soy isoflavones in Europe, America and Japan. Soy isoflavones have a variety of health benefits, which is not only the most well-known function, relieving menopausal symptoms, but also it can increase bone density, and reduce premenstrual discomfort. 
The effectiveness of soy isoflavones: 

1)    Improve menopausal symptoms
Most women experience menopause when they are between forty-five and fifty-five years old. Due to ovarian aging, it will trigger physical and psychological transformation. In 2002, Plant Pharmaceutical Journals (Phytomedicine) have published a Spanish clinical study showed that soy isoflavones can improve menstrual symptoms included sweating, poor sleeping quality, irritability, back discomfort, memory loss, etc.

2)    Increase bone density
Soy isoflavones not only can reduce bone loss, it also can increase the bone density. In 2007, Annals of Internal Medicine have demonstrated that the isoflavones genistein can strengthen bones. 

3)    Reduce premenstrual discomfort
Soy isoflavones significantly reduce the effects of premenstrual discomfort. Additionally, in 2011, a research of Brazil Pernambuco University indicated that evening primrose oil supplements can also help to relieve premenstrual discomfort, 120 women aged 16-49 year-old suffered from premenstrual discomfort were invited. They found that intake of 1000 mg of evening primrose oil capsule could alleviate premenstrual discomfort, a dosage of 2000 mg of evening primrose oil capsule even have more significant improvement.